Tezzers Community Blogs

The Community Blog is hosted by Tezzers and provides each Member with a free personal blog to help brand themselves while engaging and networking with other Tezzers members.

Community Blogs are a FREE benefit we give our members to aid them in their promotional efforts. There's no hosting fees, nothing to install, and no-hasstle or third-party connections required.

In fact... if you have an account at Tezzers, your blog is automatically created for you and you can start posting immediately!

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Community Blog Features

Tezzers provides you with some awesome FREE features to help you make the most of your marketing.

Your blog will contain certain pre-defined sections.

Add Your Location

The First Section is where you add your Location, example: your place of business or regional area.

Engage with our Community

Below Location there will be an indication if anyone sent you a Private Message and/or Friend Request from those who want to network or engage with you.

The Friends section is a list of those Members in your Network on #SITENAME#.

Share Your Interests & Links

The one labeled Interest is an excellent place to display the links to the programs you support and promote. For example, copy and paste your Link in this format, changing the URL of course:

Example of the code:

<a href="https://affiliatefunnel.com?rid=1" target="_blank">Affiliate Funnel</a>


Your Team is for your Surf Team if you belong to one.

Your Content

Your Blog is where you add new blog posts, images, banners, etc. It is an excellent way to communicate with other Members while also branding yourself.

Your Feed

The RSS Feed can be used on a Blog RSS Reader app or in a plugin on your browser.